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Cowabunga Karting Ages 4-7

15 Minutes of Flat-Out Karting for 4-7 Year Olds!

Cowabunga Karts (4–8-year-olds)

Do you have younger racers aged 4 to 8 years who want to experience the excitement of racing? check out our Cowabunga Karts! These smaller karts are perfect for junior racers who want to take on the same twists, turns, and high-speed straights as our bigger karts, all while staying safe and secure. With Cowabunga Karts, little racers get to experience the full multilevel track, making their racing experience even more exciting!

Our Cowabunga Karts

are a great choice for birthday parties and group activities, giving young racers the chance to unleash their inner speed demon! Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a birthday? PMG Karting World has you covered. Our party packages include track time, party rooms, and refreshments, making sure your party is a roaring success!

More Info:
  • Single Race lasts 15 mins
  • Helmets and safety instruction
  • Electric powered Karts
Child In A Cowabunga Kart giving A thumbs Up
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